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Our mission

Help Start-ups, Small and Medium size companies

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- A list of pain points, friction and barriers to the conversion

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Our analysis are priced on Time and Materials (the time spent and technology cost) so it's all transparent and it starts for as little as 100€.

Our methodology

Data-driven solutions

We start with a website analysis to locate Frictions / Issues and Opportunities for improvement.

Revenue Oriented Strategy

We prioritize our findings using a Traffic / Impact / Effort ratio to focus on the biggest problems first.

By doing so, we can work against a quick return on investment.

Testing & Implementation

Using Google Optimize, we can deploy solutions to your site, prove the improvement and measure the impact.

Not only your website will be fixed but we will give you the precise Revenue impact.

What do we offer?

Literally anything that gravitate around Optimisation:

  • Help deploying the technologies & Setup for your site
  • Investigations (Funnel & Form analysis, User Behaviour, Surveys, User Testing, Heat mapping...)
  • Friction / Pain Points / Opportunities file report with actionable findings
  • Testing via Google Optimize
  • Reporting & Data Monitoring
  • Deployment of solutions

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